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Put your reversing skills to the test at the Newark Show

Posted by on Jul 27, 2016

A SPECIALLY created trailer reversing competition will run at our Autumn show this September 3-4, putting visitors through their paces with a series of challenges.

Participants will need to exit a garage, reverse around a roundabout and then head back to the starting point negotiating a cone and a 90-degree blindside turn in the process.

The attraction is being run by the team at Access-Your-Future, and managing director Chris Jones said: “The manoeuvre can be achieved in one go without any shunts, but it’s not easy. Our instructor and I have had many attempts while devising the course and we have both only managed it in one take on one occasion!”

A scoring system will be in place to determine the winner: every driver starts on zero; a forward shunt incurs a 10-point penalty; touching a barrier or cone incurs a five-point penalty; and if the contestant has to shunt more than three times that will be the end of their attempt. Final points will be added for parking the vehicle straight in the garage and getting the rear of the trailer into the parking zone as would be required in the DVSA trailer towing test.

Each winner will receive a bottle of wine, and Access-Your-Future will also be offering a free half-day towing assessment for three participants who need to pass their B&E towing licence.

The challenge is part of the daytime entertainment line-up at the UK Autumn Motorhome & Caravan Show at Newark Showground which takes place across the first weekend in September. Live music will also be performed throughout the weekend, kids’ activities – including a bouncy castle – will be running, and campers can enjoy cash-prize bingo and dancing lessons.

Advance discount tickets for both campers and day visitors are on sale now; for more details visit the EVENT PAGE and follow the links or call 01507 529529.